What's In This Course?

    1. Everything You Need To Know To Get Set Up

    2. How To Brand Your Business To Stand Out

    3. How To Create A Website That Converts

    4. How To Deal With Suppliers & Manufacturers

    5. How To Set Up Shipping & Delivery

    6. How To Set Up Payment Providers & Accept Customer Payments

    7. Marketing Overview

    8. How To Create A Successful Sales Funnel

    9. What Businesses Can Benefit From Social Media Marketing?

    10. How To Engage With Online Communities

    11. How To Post Content That Makes People Want To Buy

    12. How To Grow A Massive Following On Your Social Media Account

    13. How To Maximise Social Engagement Organically

    14. Reason Why Someone Would Unfollow You

    15. Influencer Marketing 101

    16. The Influencer Marketing Progress

    17. Different Ways To Work With Influencers

    18. What Can You Do With Your User Generated Content?

    19. How To Spot Fake Influencers?

    20. How To Understand Your Analytics

    21. How To Scale Up

    22. What Are Customer Service Best Practices?

    23. How To Retain Customers

    24. What Are The Benefits Of Failure?

    25. How To Expand Internationally

    26. How To Plan An Exit Strategy

    27. Top Tips & Summary

Coures Curriculum

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